Glass City Con has been honored with contributions from talented artists who have lent us their skills to provide the amazing offical artwork that graces our website, program books, and merchandise. Now's your chance to get to know the artists behind the art!

Mandy E. (Yamerpro)
Graphic Designer/Illustrator
2015 - Present
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Mandy graduated from the University of Saint Francis with a BA in computer art. She works full time as a graphic designer and does illustration work as well as a few convention booths on the side throughout the year. Her online alias “Yamer” has existed for over a decade and the “pro” was added as a short for “productions” and the name has stuck since. Mandy loves anime and video games and is usually always busy on some sort of art project. She dabbles in all forms of art including traditional, digital, cosplay, photography and sculpture and has been drawing since she was very young. She loves making new friends so don’t be afraid to stop by her booth at Glass City Con and say hi!

Preshes Mclemore (Kitsune23star)
Independent Artist
2016 - Present

An independent artist, that takes joy in making comics. Real name Preshes but most know her as Kitsune23star. Best known for making funny video game comics, mostly about Bayonetta, Kitsune also has an original webcomic of her own called The Royal Flush Circus. Her passions are in character design and cover art.

Molly Carlson
Independent Artist
2011 - 2015
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Molly Carlson graduated from Kent State University in 2009 with a BFA in Drawing. MMC Illustrations was founded in 2010 when Molly realized she needed a name for herself as she began selling artwork. Between illustrating for websites, books and traveling to anime conventions to sell her original products, working as an Artist became a full-time job. Her favorite genre to draw is anime. Her products include color prints, painted bags, bookmarks and custom plushies.

At Glass City Con III, Molly won our fan art contest. Recognizing her talent, we approached Molly to become our new convention artist, as Alex was moving on to further her career. Molly is excited to spend her second year at Glass City Con as the official convention artist!

Independent Comic Artist
2010 - 2013

Majoring in Art, and Minoring in Japanese at University of Toledo, KO_Okami doesn't let her busy schedule stop her from working on her two current manga series: WACOT (comedy/romance) and Kurokenshin (action/adventure).

Last year, we asked our forum goers to help us re-design the Owens Anime Convention (one of the organizations that sponsors Glass City Con) mascot, Sakura. KO_Okami was the only person up to the task, and the results were marvelous! She was rightfully awarded her free Artist Alley table promptly!

Ever enthusiastic, KO_Okami offered her services for any of our art needs. We suggested some Big Uncle Fuku artwork, to which she happily took the challenge. Shortly after, we received a piece so amazing we had to put it on the front cover of our program book!
KO_Okami has since joined the Glass City Con convention artist ranks, creating the artwork that graced our Glass City Con III promo cards and ads seen by thousands!

Alex Heberling
Independent Comic Artist
2009 - 2012

No one has worked as hard as Alex to bring those Big Uncle Fukus to life. Our official convention artist, Alex has produced over thirty different pieces of BUF artwork for the last three conventions. Her clean, detailed style and mastery of capturing humorous irony in the characters makes a trucker in a school girl uniform almost palatable. We say without hyperbole that Alex is one of the top convention artists in the country.
Alex's journey with Big Uncle Fuku began at the first convention. She was already slated to be a guest, and it later turned out her sister was a friend of Amanda, our cosplay director. Alex volunteered to do some custom Big Uncle Fuku artwork for the Cosplay Contest awards. Upon seeing the artwork, we knew the convention needed her talents.
Alex describes herself as an otaku-turned-comic-artist, currently offering her work online in the form of webcomics. She began drawing seriously when she first discovered Sailor Moon in 1998, and anime and manga have had a significant role in the development of her art and comics.

Alex's artwork is prominently featured at Glass City Con. After doing us a favor and providing artwork for the Cosplay Contest awards, Alex was elected to become our official convention artist. She has since provided all of the character designs for both Big Uncle Fuku mascots.