Gaming returns in a big way for Glass City Con 7! Video gaming, tabletop gaming and live-action gaming will all be in one convenient place as it moves into Exhibition Hall A for this year's event. This will bring 25,000 square feet of gaming to downtown Toledo!  From XBox One to FamiCom, our mission to provide you a robust selection of video games. Whether you're into the latest consoles or seek out the obscure, we offer something for everyone!

General hall hours will be
Saturday, July 15 from 10 AM.-1 AM
Sunday, July 16 from 10 AM- 4 PM.

Special attractions may not operate under the general gaming hall hours.

For more information, consult the convention program or inquire with Glass City Con staff.


12:00 PM - Cardfight! Vanguard CCG Event
05:00 PM - Final Fantasy TCG Event
06:00 PM - Super Smash Bros. for WiiU Tournament

11:00 AM - Mario Kart 8 Tournament


Check out our offering of 20+ gaming consoles and giant selection of games, from the classics to the latest!

Those who have a valid Glass City Con badge will also have free play access to an arcade gaming section in the hall! This year we're working with K-Dog's Arcade and Tokyo Attack to provide a variety of deluxe machines, as well as Credits Remaining to offer a number of stand-up cabinets. Games scheduled will run from some of the greatest multiplayer hits from the '90s up to some of the most current deluxe rhythm games! Approximately 30 games are planned for the Glass City Con arcade!

Owners of Pokemon Sun/Moon for the Nintendo 3DS will have a chance to battle The Platinum League at Glass City Con. The League will have eight representatives at the convention, and true to the game, participants will need to locate the trial captains around the convention hall, go on quests and battle the captains! Find more information and rules at ThePlatinumLeague Facebook!


Enjoy our selection of your favorite tabletop and card games all con long! Brought to you by Toledo BASH!

FrogTown Hobbies returns to Glass City Con as the event’s CCG/tabletop games vendor. Not only will FrogTown sell popular CCG products, but it will also host CCG events. A free-entry CardFight! Vanguard event will be held at noon Saturday and a Final Fantasy Trading Card Game event will be held at 5 p.m. Saturday. Each of those events will feature a pool of $2 store credit per entry that will be paid out to the top half of the finishers. FrogTown will also hold a raffle to give away two Final Fantasy TCG starters, two Weis Schwarz starters, three Pokemon Mythical Collection Boxes and a Pokemon Kingdra EX box. Stop by the FrogTown Hobbies booth for more information!

We are very excited to announce the Galactic Conflict Series, an independent open series for Star Wars: Destiny. The first ever Galactic Conflict event will take place this July with Battle for Glass City in Toledo.

Battle for Glass City 2017 is a Formal Tier 1-on-1 format tournament. Awakenings and Spirit of Rebellion will be legal for play. The winner of this event will recieve a sealed booster box of Spirit of Rebellion and a one-of-a-kind playmat. A box of of Spirit of Rebellion boosters will be distributed to second through fourth. Additional prize support will be given to fifth through eighth place. These are the confirmed prizes and may be enhanced as the event approaches. Visit for more details!


The cosplay isn't necessary, but Cosplay Foam Combat is a fun way to compete against friends in a physical competition!

Check back for hours of operations!

Because of the physical nature of this event, please be aware of the activity required to participate, and all participants will be required to follow the rules and safety precautions.

Those who are younger than 18 years old need parental/guardian permission to particpate. If you are younger than 18 and do not plan on having your parent or guardian with you at the event, you may print out the form linked below and have it signed by your parent/guardian and yourself. Bring the signed form to Glass City Con and you will be able to participate in Cosplay Foam Combat!

For the third year in a row, our friends at Trapped Toledo will bring not one, but TWO of their mobile escape rooms to Glass City Con 7! These are exclusively available at the Con and cannot be played outside of the event unless you schedule a private event.

The Gaming Hall will feature a variety of special Exhibitors for your gaming needs!

We offer the latest in your dice needs, providing the newest sets available along with the unusual dice that are hard to find. We have added custom buttons and look forward to providing them for everyone!

Galatune is a new, Ohio-based card game that feels like a battle arena video game. Gameplay is simple enough for casual players and families new to tabletop, and yet strategy is rich enough to challenge serious gamers. 2-5 players each lead a Champion warrior into battle and earn a Victory Point each time an opponent is defeated. The game doesn't end for you when your Champion falls in battle. Instead, you just get back up on your feet, respawn your Champion, and continue fighting! You win the game by being the first to earn 3 Victory Points by defeating 3 opponents. Unlike most other battle card games where players take their turns one-at-a-time, in Galatune everyone attacks simultaneously! It's an exciting formula that keeps the game moving and encourages players to predict and react to each other in real time.

No Extra Lives returns to once again bring local indie gaming to Glass City Con! No Extra Lives has worked on multiple PC and mobile titles, including multiplayer titles available to play in the gaming hall. The team has supported local conventions with their indie showcase of games, so please show them your support!

Subgenius13's Workshop produces a variety of 3D printed tabletop game accessories including dice towers, card boxes, and wargame terrain. We also produce video-game and movie related items including weapons and some figures. Custom orders are always welcome!