5/15/2015: Please welcome Cosplay Foam Fighting, Cupofsqurriel, Hightension Gaijin, Juice Lee, and the Pillowcases as our guests! Be sure to check out their profiles featured in our Guest page!

We're pleased to welcome Ohio Kimono to our Vendor Venue!

We know you're getting geared up for GCon, but be sure to mark your calenders for TAG Fest 2.0, coming back to Toledo December 5, 2015! Check out the TAG Fest site for more info!

4/30/2015: Today's the last day for pre-register for $20! Don't miss your chance to save $10 off of a weekend badge!

Are you part of a news organization and need a press pass? Apply for one today!

4/20/2015: We've updated our list of dealers! Check out our new Artist and Vendor page for the latest additions!

4/14/2015: Just when you thought Glass City Con's guest list couldn't get any better, we bring you our next voice actor guest: Monica Rial! We're honored to have her here at our convention. She's been on the voice acting scene for many years now and she can be heard in hundreds of anime dubs including Stocking in Panty & Stocking w/ Garterbelt, Tsubaki in Soul Eater, Mirajane in Fairy Tail, and the list goes on and on! Please give her a warm welcome as she drops into Toledo this August for Glass City Con 5!

This year we are warmly welcoming Elemental (aka Amanda Irwin) to help with all things cosplay! Well-known as a popular photographer and cosplayer, she's been going to conventions for over 10 years. She'll be assisting our cosplay department with the cosplay contest and hosting a series of workshop panels. Check out our Guest page for more information!

4/7/2015: Hey, graphic designers! Put your design skills to the test and help out GCon! We’re looking for a new logo, and we want to see what our creative community can come up with! You could win free badges for your design! Check out our contest page for more information!

3/23/2015: Give a warm welcome to one of our newest guests! Caitlynn French started in the VO scene back in 2012 and has captured our hearts since then with roles such as Mei Tachibana in Say I Love You and Hana Isuzu in Girls Und Panzer. We're looking forward to her first year with us!

Feel free to let your inner fan boy/girl flow as we announce our next voice actor guest, Chuck Huber! He's known for roles in everything from Dragon Ball Z to Fullmetal Alchemist. From Borderlands II to Aeon Flux. FROM Sgt Frog to Soul Eater. If you haven't noticed, we're super excited to welcome Chuck to Toledo in August to enjoy all things Glass City Con with us!

3/10/2015: Vendor Venue is currently booked up! Thank you to everyone who applied! We will be sending out approvals soon! If you're interested in becoming a Vendor at Glass City Con 5, sign up for the Waiting List, found on the Dealer Information page.

3/9/2015: And so the time has come to announce our next wave of guests for Glass City Con 5! We’re going to start things off with a bang! Please give a warm welcome to D.C. Douglas! You may better know him as Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil games or Legion from Mass Effect 3. This will be his first time joining us at GCon, so make sure to come out and meet him so he knows how awesome our attendees are!

Get ready to ride the wild ride when Jessica Calvello stops by for her second year with Glass City Con! And she is wild in all the RIGHT ways! You can hear her in roles such as Excel in the Excel Saga, Hange Zoe in Attack on Titan, and Éclair in Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess. If you missed her last year, this is your chance to enjoy a weekend filled with one of the most personable people in the business. Don’t just take our word for it. Come out and meet her yourself!

Check out our Guest page for more information!

2/9/2015: Artist Alley is currently booked up! Thank you to everyone who applied! We will be sending out approvals soon! If you're interested in becoming an Artist at Glass City Con 5, sign up for the Waiting List, found on the Dealer Information page.

1/1/2015: Happy 2015, GCon Fans! While the New Year marks the end of our $15 pre-reg, you still have a chance to get your pre-reg for $15! We'll be offering the special $15 rate for each paid admission to TAG Fest on January 24th

We're pleased to welcome Cynical Sniper Pillows, DisjointedImages, Plushies Plus, Thundersteel Armoury, and Yamerpro to our Aritst Alley and Pix Posters to our Vendor Venue!

Speaking of our Dealer Hall, we're now taking applications for all dealers! Check out Dealer Information for details and the application!

12/12/2014: Official full site launch today! Learn what's going on at Glass City Con 5 and check back for the latest news!

We're proud to annouce the return of voice actresses Amber Lee Connors Amy Howard Wilson, performers 2D6 and Gavin Goszka, and anime experts John Oppliger and David G. Wilson III! We're also pleased to welcome voice actress Lisle Wilkerson (Nina from Tekken) and musical performer Ben Briggs!

We also have 20 Vendors and Artists lined up so far for your shopping needs! Before sure to check them out!