7/19/2014: We've updated our Gaming and Points of Interest pages to provide you more information about what to expect at GCon!

Regetably, Blue Midnight Highway and DJ TKR will be unable to attend Glass City Con this year.

7/15/2014: The events list has been posted! Check out the awesome events that are happening at Glass City Con!

7/14/2014: Did you apply to be a Staff member at Glass City Con? The staff list has been posted!

7/12/2014: Please welcome Art-Toons to our Vendor Venue!

7/7/2014: We are honored to welcome voice actress Amber Lee Connors to Glass City Con! Also, please welcome Renee Britton to our Artist Alley!

We've once again updated our rewards schedule for out OtaKing attendees! Check out the Registration page to see what you'll get!

6/27/2014: Because you requested it, pre-registration will run until July 11th! We've also updated our rewards schedule for out OtaKing attendees! Check out the Registration page to see what you'll get!

6/17/2014: Running an event at Glass City Con? Be sure to check our the Event Coordinator's page for information on your event!

6/11/2014: We are honored to welcome DJ Monocles & Mustaches to Glass City Con IV!

5/23/2014: We regret to report Distant Star Games had to cancel their appearance at Glass City Con IV. They pass along her apologies for not being able to make it out for con!

We are honored to welcome cosplay troupe ...And Sewing Is Half the Battle! and musicians The Setting Sun to Glass City Con IV!

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, where you'll be able the latest GCon updates, as well as announcements during Glass City Con!

4/22/2014: We regret to report Jen Taylor had to cancel her appearance at Glass City Con IV due to a scheduling conflict. She passes along her apologies for not being able to make it out for con!

Not to worry, GCon Fans! We have several new guests to announce! We are honored to welcome VA's Jessica Cavello (best known as Excel from Excel Saga, and will be appearing in Attack on Titan this summer) and Paul St. Peter (known for Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts the Nine-Tailed Fox from Naruto)!

We are also honored to welcome musician Blue Midnight Highway and panelists Losing Reality Productions!

Please also welcome Alex Heberling to our Artist Alley!

And if you want that awesome costume immortalized in a professional picture, we've got you covered! Please welcome our official convention photographer, Creaotic Images!

3/31/2014: Today's the last day to get your Glass City Con IV badge for as low as $20! Starting tomorrow, prices go up to $25 for the Anime Fan tier and $35 for the Otaku tier! Don't delay, save today!

3/28/2014: FREE BADGE GIVEAWAY!! Did that get your attention? I hope so! Tomorrow (Friday) at 6pm, we'll be starting a contest that has two of my favorite things: Cosplay and free stuff! Be sure to check out our Facebook for more information.

In less exciting news, we'll be shutting down the con forum, since most of our interactions happen on Facebook, so please do not sign up if you find the link somewhere, since it's a virtual ghost town now!

3/26/2014: Please welcome Mystik Waboose and White Wolf Toys to our Vendor Venue!

3/19/2014: Please welcome Asian Invasion to our Vendor Venue and Lily Inverse Designs and PopGoesFlat to our Artist Alley.

2/28/2014: We are honored to welcome back dance troupe Abracadabra to Glass City Con! Also, please welcome Animated Crafters, S.A. McKay. Seth Hengstler to our Artist Alley

Want to enter our Cosplay Contest? We've just updated the Cosplay page, where you can find all of the information you'll need!

1/30/2014: We are honored to welcome comedians The Budget Cuts and video game cover band Knight of the Round to Glass City Con!

1/10/2014: Please welcome Plushies Plus to our Artist Alley!

1/3/2014: Please welcome Jeff Gibbons to our Artist Alley!

ATTENTION REGISTERED DEALERS: We've updated the Dealer Information page. Please check this page for updated information, including general information from your contract, how to pay, load times, maps, and more. You can access it on the menu to your left, under the Dealers section.

12/23/2013: Please welcome Kochira Kawaii and J and J Enterprises to our Vendor Venue!

Our Vendor Venue is now full! Thank you for everyone who applied! If you'd like a chance to get into the Vendor Venue this year, please check out the Dealer Information page for details on getting on the waiting list.

12/16/2013: Please welcome FAKKU and IT Cosplay to our Vendor Venue!

ATTENTION POTENTIAL VENDORS: We have TWO spaces left in our Vendor Venue! Don't miss out on getting into Glass City Con IV! Apply today!

12/6/2013: Please welcome Milo Accessories and Visual Novels USA to our Vendor Venue!

11/20/2013: Please welcome Pix Posters to our Vendor Venue!

10/22/2013: Do you have a convention and want to reach out to the community? Promote at Glass City Con! Free table opportunities available! Check out our information on Convention Connection today!

10/18/2013: We are honored to welcome voice actress Jen Taylor to Glass City Con! Jen is best known for her roles as Cortana from the Halo series, Zoey from Left 4 Dead, and Princess Peach Toadstool from various Mario games! For more information, please check out the Guest page!

10/7/2013: Please welcome Serenity in Chains to our Artist Alley!

10/1/2013: Need a place to stay for Glass City Con? We've struck a deal with the Park Inn in Toledo, providing our attendees an fancy hotel attached to the SeaGate Convention Centre for just $99 (plus tax) a night! Don't wait, because room availability is extremely limited! Check out the Location & Hotel page for more information!

Want to run your own panel or event? The forms are finally live! Check out the Be a Panelist link for more information!

Please welcome Aardvark Tees, Anime Palace, and Crimson Chain Leatherworks to our Vendor Venue, and Aya Blue Studios and It's.So.Savy to our Artist Alley!

9/18/2013: We are honored to welcome musical guests 2D6 to Glass City Con! Get ready for the best in nerd rap this summer! For more information, please check out the Guest page!

9/16/2013: We still have a few more artists who haven't been announced yet! Please welcome Lilly's Art: art by Margaret "Meg" Tyler and NinjaLizzard Clay & Craftsto our Artist Alley and Weeaboo Warehouse to our Vendor Venue!

9/9/2013: Please welcome Cardz Xtcetera and Qooyi's Anime Gift Shop to our Vendor Venue, and E-illusion Studio, King Usagi, and Shimai Team to our Artist Alley! And with that, our Artist Alley is now full! Thank you to all of those who applied! If you want to add yourself to our waiting list, please check out our Dealer Information page!

We our honored to welcome Amy Howard Wilson and David G. Wilson, III to Glass City Con! Amy is best known as the voice of Nova from the classic English adapation of Space Battleship Yamato, known domestically as Star Blazers. David is classic otaku in every sense of word, and will regale you with stories of fandom of the past! For more information, please check out the Guest page!

8/30/2013: Please welcome Curious Compositions, Little House of Crafting, Pleasantly Strange, and Tiny Tart to our Artist Alley!

By request, we've added a new form on the Registration page in case you want to pay with check or money order! We've also included instructions on how to pay with cold hard cash!

8/21/2013: Big Guest Annoucements!

We our honored to welcome
Todd Haberkorn to Glass City Con! Todd is best known as the voice of Death the Kid from Soul Eater, Italy from Axis Powers Hetalia, and Natsu from Fairy Tail, among many others!

We are also proud to welcome back a slew of our awesome guests from cons past! Please welcome musical guests
DJ TKR, Gavin Goszka, the Salad Time Soliders, and industy guests Classic L337, Distant Star Games, Galloping Ghost, and John "Ask John" Oppliger. Welcome back and thanks for joining us once again! For more information on Guests, please check out the Guest page!

Our Artist Alley also continues to grow! Please welcome MALIK, Rachel Streight & Andy Bartsch, and Spooky Designs to our Artist Alley!

DON'T FORGET! Less than TWO WEEKS before the price of pre-registrations goes up! Don't delay!

7/20/2013: Please welcome Danielle Daugherty, Sarah Marschman, and Tiffany Romero to our Artist Alley!

Do you want to help make Glass City Con the best con around? Consider volunteering or becoming a staff member! Apply now!

Our Convention Artist bios are now updated! If you'd like to know who's behind the fantastic art of Glass City Con, check our their profiles!

7/10/2013: Please welcome Dare to Dream Creative Arts and Kuroitenshi to our Artist Alley!

Attention potential Artists! We are now sold out of over half of our Artist Alley booths, and we're still over a year from the con! To ensure a space, apply and pay today!

6/26/2013: Please welcome Creepy Kawaii, Disjointed Images, Fur Gear, Lis Huey, Purple Tree Studios, and Shelly Spahlinger-Kuglery to our Artist Alley!

6/19/2013: Please welcome Home Circle Media and Maryland Anime to our Vendor Venue and Lock & Key Jewelry to our Artist Alley!

6/3/2013: Do you want to be a guest at Glass City Con or know someone who would? We're accepting applications for potentional guests now! We're also accepting applications for folks who are interested in running events or panels at the con! You can find a link to the application here.

5/21/2013: We're proud to annouce our first group of new dealers! Please welcome MMC Illustrations (our convention artist who's drawing all of those awesome Fuku pics!) and OtakUtopia (the guys bringing you Glass City Con) to our Vendor Venue and Cynical Sniper Pillow, Metal Artisan Studios, Rainbowkitty Designs, Sheepingly, and Stubborn Cupcake Studios to our Artist Alley!

5/13/2013: We got some great feedback from some of you regarding admission, particularly admission for children and one-day passes. We've posted updated information on registration so you can choose the one that's right for you!

5/10/2013: Welcome back, Glass City Con fans! You've heard the rumors, and we've certainly hinted at it enough, but now it's official: Glass City Con is back!

Obviously there are a lot of changes and new material to cover, so take some time going over the website and discovering all of the awesome stuff that'll be happening in 2014!

But this is 2013, so no one has the attention span to tackle an entire website, so here are some important tidbits you should digest:

  • Glass City Con IV will be held at the SeaGate Convention Center in Toledo, Ohio on July 26 - July 27, 2014 (NOT 2013!)
  • We will be charging admission, because there are a lot of new costs involved to make this con great! Pre-reg now and save!
  • Glass City Con is owned and operated by OtakUtopia and is no longer affliated in any way with Owens Community College.
  • Vendors and Artists: we are accepting applications now! Get your booth before they sell out!

Keep checking back for updates throughout the year, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!